Fog. 1970s - Russian impressionism museum
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Fog. 1970s

Vyacheslav Fyodorov

Oil on canvas

Vyacheslav Fyodorov considered Konstantin Korovin, Vasily Polenov and Alexei Savrasov as his teachers, yet the real school which formed and shaped his talent was that of nature itself. Landscape became almost the only genre in which he worked, and whenever he went out into the open air, he could create dozens of versions of the same view. He did not change anything in the details of composition, instead his goal was to capture the fleeting nuances of the ever-changing scene. The great Claude Monet worked in the same way, time and again re-creating his Rouen Cathedral or Westminster Abbey. Fyodorov pursued the same objective when creating "Fog". Look closely at his colourful transitions to the heavy vibration of the moist air over the river, at the birch reflections in the water, and the depth of the compelling pattern of the blue morning mist in May.