Summer day. Kostroma. 1913 - Russian impressionism museum
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Summer day. Kostroma. 1913

Pyotr Petrovichev

Oil on canvas

Pyotr Petrovichev often said, "Where we were born, where we were brought up, means everything to us". After graduation, he refused even to travel abroad, so captivated was he by the beauty of the old Russian cities. The elegant churches of Yaroslavl, the exemplary classicism of Kostroma, and patterned, ornate Suzdal - it inspired him more than any breath-taking views of Spain or Italy. The painting "Sunny Day. Kostroma "is filled with lively and radiant colours. The multi-layered sky of turquoise, purple and blue seems alive and pulsating, merging with the arcade roofs of light green, lemon, and emerald, while even the grey of the buildings shimmers with silver and lilac tones. Sunlight pours onto the Susaninskaya square, where people are leisurely strolling, their silhouettes painted with bright individual strokes. This abundance of colour was influenced by the Impressionists, whose painting had "infected" the artist at one of their exhibitions. The unusual vertical format and composition of the painting is due to its complex history. Somehow, in unknown circumstances, the right-hand side of the work, with an image of the fire bell tower, was lost, and  a fragment of the original canvas remained in the artist’s family.