Birch Trees. 1963 - Russian impressionism museum
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Birch Trees. 1963

Vyacheslav Fyodorov

Oil on canvas

Birch trees are a typical motif used in Russian landscape painting. The image of the tree’s white trunk and thin branches has been captured on the canvases Arkhip Kuinzhi, Isaac Levitan, Konstantin Yuon, and many others. Igor Grabav wrote: “What is the beauty of birches? It is a fantastic, supernatural tree - a fairy tale tree.” Unsurprising, then, that Vyacheslav Fyodorv chose to paint this picturesque aspect of Russian nature - a tree landscape with lodges and birch trees.

Spring noon. The sun is already setting while snow drifts, and the grass is not yet green. The spots of green stand out against the shades of brown and yellow. The artist freely paints picturesque pink branches. Not covered in green leaves, the branches weave together into one, creating a sort of lace work design of branches. Using Impressionism, Fyodorov managed to capture the delicate moment of the awakening of nature.