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George Lapchine

07.04.1885 - 29.10.1950

George Lapchine travelled frequently, which affected his choice of subjects to paint. This was facilitated by his study in Paris under Fernan Kormon and J. Lermitt and the stormy events of the time of war. The artist fought on the Romanian front in World War I, was taken prisoner, and fled through Germany and Italy.

In 1924 George Lapchine finished his studies in Paris. Being in demand by the French public, George Lapchine took part in exhibits held by the Salon of Independents (1925-1940), in 1929 joined the Society of Independent Artists, and in 1931 joined the Society of French Artists.

For inspiration, Lapchine frequently went to Italy, Spain, and the South of Franch. He was quite famous for his sun-soaked Impressionist landscapes, still lifes, and flower paintings, inspired by the warm and sensual South.