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Pavel Shmarov

10.09.1874 - 02.07.1950

Pavel Dmitrievich Shmarov (nee Shmirov) was born October 22, 1874 in Voronezh, into a family of artisan workers. In 1894 he became an auditor at the Imperial Academy of Artists, studying under the master Ilya Repin. In the winter of 1897-1898 he visited the lessons in the School of Anton Ash in Munich. In 1899 he received the title of “artist” and the gold medal and an allowance to travel in Europe for four years. Pavel Shmarov visited Vienna, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Spain with Boris Kustodiev. He also studied for a period in Paris at the Julienne Academy.

At the beginning of 1923, fearing that his art would not be approved of by Soviet powers, Pavel Shmarov chose to emigrate. He spent two years in Rome, where he painted portraits of members of the Italian royal family, and then he moved to Paris. He still painted a lot, especially lyrical landscapes and official portraits, such as of Fyodr Chiaplin and Serge Lifar. In October of 1928, the first exhibit of his art was held in the Parisian Gallery Sharpant. His painting “Bathing” was presented and purchased by the Luxembourg Museum of Paris. 

After the war, Shmarov settled down with his wife Olga in the suburbs of Paris Boulogne-Billancourt. However, close ties with his roots Shmarov did not break - he took part in exhibits, and he organized The Union of Soviet Patriots (in 1945, 1946, and 1947). In the exhibition he presented his painting “In Honor of Victor” and his portrait of Generalissimo I.V. Stalin.

Pavel Shmarov passed away on July 5, 1950. He is buried in the graveyard Pierre Grenier in Boulogne-Billancourt (his grave is not preserved).