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Nikolai Grigoriev

14.09.1880 - 29.12.1943

A student of Nikolai Fechin, Konstantin Korovin and Leonid Pasternak, Nikolai Grigoriev preferred landscape painting and lithography to other genres. We know little about him, only that he was born in the Vyatka region of Russia, studied at the Kazan Art School, and in 1909 was accepted to the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. His career reached its peak in the 1920s, when he taught at Vhutemas (the Higher Art and Technical Studios) and held a solo exhibition in Moscow. Two years later his works were shown at the First Exhibition of Russian Art at the Van Diemen Gallery in Berlin. Along with such major Russian cultural figures as the writer and poet Boris Pasternak, the poet Velimir Khlebnikov, the graphic artist Vladimir Favorsky, and many others, Grigoriev was a member of the “Makovets” artistic society. Unfortunately, that group, which was meant to bring together representatives of different creative professions, would soon break up. As for Grigoriev, his life and career entered a difficult stage in the 1930s, when the Soviet state began its campaign against “formalism in art”: along with many other avant-garde artists, Grigoriev was subjected to persecution.