Impressionism and Spanish art - Russian impressionism museum
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Impressionism and Spanish art

10 October - 26 January

On October 10, 2019, the Museum of Russian Impressionism and Aurea Cultura i Art with the support of the Embassy of Spain, will open the exhibition “Impressionism and Spanish Art”. The exhibition is comprised of 59 paintings, sculptures, and graphics from fourteen museums in Spain, as well as fourteen private collections, and supplemented by two paintings from the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. 

Spanish art from the 19th-20th centuries will be displayed for the first time during the exhibition of such scale. It will show works by 18 Spanish artists who exercised their talent side by side with French impressionists, and took part in the first exhibitions showing the new trends of European art in the 1880s. The exhibition will present works by Joaquin Sorolla, Ramon Casas, Darío de Regoyos, Marian Pidelaserra, Ignasi Mallol, Santiago Rusiñol, Ricard Canals, Ignacio Zuloaga, Joaquim Mir, and Pere Ysern. 

Impressionism is undoubtedly the most popular and beloved style period of the second half of the 19th century. Born on French soil, Impressionism influenced art all around the world. But perhaps the greatest influence it had was on Spanish artists. They preferred a bright, colorful palette, so that they could share with everyone the beauty of southern nature  the lovely shade of sweeping trees, the white speckled reflection of the sun, and flowing waters. Spanish Impressionism traces its roots to classical cultural heritage and can be easily linked to traditional art of 17th century represented by Velasquez or 18th century represented by Goya. 

14 Spanish museums participated in this project, including the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Carmen Thyssen Málaga Museum, Museum of Montserrat, Ignacio Zuloaga Museum. Pedraza Castle, Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias, Museu de la Música de Barcelona - L'Auditori.

The curator of the project is Francesc Fontbona (Spain). He is a Catalan art historian, writer, exhibit curator, and specialist of Catalan Modernism. He was previously the Director of the Graphics Department in the library of Catalonia (1995-2013) and was in charge of the arts section of the big Catalan encyclopedia (1968-1978). He is also a member of the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts of Saint George and Spanish Society of America.  

The project manager is Charo Sanjuán. She is a historian and director of Aurea Cultura i Art.

The coordinator of the project is Maria Moroz (Russia). She is an employee of the Exhibition Department of the Museum of Russian Impressionism, art historian and lecturer.