By the Sea. 1912 - Russian impressionism museum
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By the Sea. 1912

Tit Dvornikov

Oil on canvas

The two passions of Tit Dvornikov were sketches and landscapes. He loved to observe nature and capture its states, and it is thanks to his fascination with reflecting the immediate moment that Dvornikov created so many paintings that he could rival any of the prolific Odessa artists. The delicate landscape “By the Sea” is a thickly painted mixture of strokes of sky blue and pale yellow shades. In the center of the composition two ladies are sitting at a table talking: they are carried away with their conversation and the fine sea view, and don’t even pay any attention to the artist. Dvornikov doesn’t paint his heroines distinctly, but only indicates them with the help of spots of colour - our imagination fills in the rest. The blouse is a yellow spot, the hat a brown one, the skirt a blue one; another spot creates the chair, and yet another one, the table. It is a bewitching artistic mosaic. One more bright thick red-orange dab - and the belt of one of the women is done. This colour nuance adds a note of gaiety and festivity to the painting. We are no longer hurrying anywhere, just listening to the splash of the sea waves, and feasting our eyes…