A Park in Early Autumn. 1970 - Russian impressionism museum
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A Park in Early Autumn. 1970

Boris Gladchenko

Oil on cardboard

For Boris Gladchenko, Penza, his beloved little town, its small streets, embankments and parks are at the centre of his art. Indeed, he is celebrated for his natural gift of painting en plein air, as well as the kindness and sincerity that permeate his works. “A Park in Early Autumn” dates back to the 1970’s. Take a closer look at the fusion of the intense hues of red, green, orange, light blue, and yellow. Together, the beautiful colours create a unique and joyous atmosphere. Gladchenko’s colours are pure and luminous. The abundance of whites serves to create the feeling of translucent, fresh air. The figures of people strolling in the park are dispersed in the vibrant multi-coloured finery of the autumn foliage. The artist’s contemporaries found this happy, cheerful mood, so typical of Gladchenko’s art, deeply appealing. Gladchenko’s works were often offered as prizes in the All-Union Art Lottery, with the lottery tickets inscribed with the motto: “Artists Working for the People!” Any ordinary Soviet citizen had a chance to win a real painting for only 50 kopecks. As for the artists, it was akin to official recognition.