Statue of Hermes in the Park. 1925 - Russian impressionism museum
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Statue of Hermes in the Park. 1925

Yevgeny Stolitsa

Oil on canvas

During the Revolution, most of the legacy of the artist Yevgeny Stolitsa was lost. Most interesting for us are his surviving paintings. This picture, "Statue of Hermes in the Park," was painted in a manner characteristic of the artist: in soft colours, with a feeling of cool, slightly humid air on a cloudy day. This mood is conveyed so subtly and convincingly that it seems that you want to “breathe in” the picture. When he painted this “Hermes,” Stolitsa had already established himself as a painter – he had received five “Kuindzhi awards,” five grands prix, as well as the title of “academic” of painting "in recognition for his work in the field of art". Stolitsa lived in Moscow and travelled extensively throughout the metropolitan area, painting en plein air. He was attracted mostly to landscapes, architectural monuments, or sculptures like this statue of Hermes, covered here in autumn leaves.